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style journal // how to style espadrilles in the city.

Posted on May 20th, 2016

Espadrilles have always been a spring/summer go-to for me, typically en route to, on and off the beach. But espadrilles obviously were not born in a city..

It’s always awesome to learn more about the origin of cultures, different rituals, nuances in style. Espadrilles originated from the Pyrenees, and were purely functional, worn typically during warmer months. The style has exploded since its inception, with major brands adding their trademark elements to the shoe. One that stands out and stays true to its core vision is Viscata, a brand that handcrafts each pair in Spain, where the shoe originated from. Not only that, but Viscata has teamed up with Treecycler to plant trees in reforestation projects around the world. I love when a brand ties its original craftsmanship to a cause that connects on a deeper level.

Don’t feel like you can’t wear espadrilles in the city though! Put on a pair with your Summer Friday outfit for a off-duty look, throw some on with your favorite jeans and t to keep it casual, or update to a fun, new color with your swim trunks to take you from city to the beach for the weekend!

[[ viscata portbou espadrilles in beige, shot by joy jacobs ]]

style journal // how to pull off casual fridays.

Posted on May 20th, 2016

For those that can believe it, I was once on track to become a consultant. Looking back, I’m so glad I decided to take a risk and dive into the digital world. Since the start of my career, I have helped build  digital and social strategies, communities and campaigns for some of the biggest names in fashion, luxury, beauty and lifestyle.

Not only that, but I’ve always expressed myself through my style, not tied to typical “business casual” or suit and tie apparel. That doesn’t mean I don’t dress up for work, I just add my own spin on things. That’s why I was drawn to OLD FAME based out in LA, stylish and functional, progressive and timeless.

I get that not all guys can be free in how they dress to work, but take small style risks. Add a bomber to your shirt and tie for a more modern look, or style a t-shirt with your blazer instead of a button down. After all, summer is just around the corner, and its the best time to shed as many layers as you possibly can.

[[ viscata portbou espadrilles in beige, shot by joy jacobs ]]

style journal // leather jacket.

Posted on May 8th, 2016

Everyone has their own perception of NYC, what it is, should be, who lives here, all of it. As I prep to travel for a year, I wanted to highlight quintessential NYC style, what makes New York, New York in my view.

The leather jacket is certainly not exclusive to NYC, but it is a wardrobe staple for all New Yorkers. Throw one on in whatever season and you’re good to go. Go all black for the ultimate NYC look, or a simple white t, jeans, and your favorite pair of boots (Saint Laurent for me, similar here).





But not just any leather jacket. Let style, quality and fit guide you in whatever price point. Here are some good ones from Topman, Coach, AllSaints and Helmut Lang:

Photography by Justin Duplantis

jetset // remote year magellan.

Posted on May 5th, 2016

I grew up loving European history. On paper and in stories, monarchies and their royal characters were fantasy worlds that I escaped to. I especially loved reading about explorers and their expeditions: Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Juan Ponce de Leon, Christopher Columbus, Hernando de Soto. This period in European history was filled with excitement of the unknown, of (in my head, and in Disney movies) fantastical conquests and discoveries of new lands. Ferdinand Magellan, for example, was an explorer first to circumnavigate the Earth, and though he did not personally complete the trip, his crew did, and his legacy continues to live on: a brave man who had a vision, navigated his trip by the stars, a man who dared to travel the world.

And so, how fitting is it that I have been accepted into Remote Year Magellan?

Remote Year is a program that brings together a community of 75 digital nomads (out of 100,000 applicants this time around!) from across the globe to spend a year (June 2016-May 2017!) working, traveling, and exploring 12 cities around the world. Spending one month in each location, I will connect with local cultures and business ecosystems, forming lifelong, borderless personal and professional relationships along the way.

And yes, a phrase like “digital nomad” may elicit the occasional eye-roll, but I truly believe that working remotely is re-shaping the future of work, and this will soon become the norm. We speak frequently about globalization, the increased ease of trade, business and communication, connected lives and borderless travel, so why should anyone be tied down to physical locations to have impact? A modern Magellan, of sorts!

Stay tuned for more updates.. there are a lot coming!