Partnerships and collaborations have been saviors to many companies since the recession kicked a few years ago. Look around you and you should be able to spot some products and services that were created and/or designed by two firms (look at the post below if you cant find anything – Oliver Peoples + Balmain!).

An especially interesting report from WWD stated that Victoria Beckham just took on the role of Creative Design Executive at Range Rover. Her role begins with the design and launch of the Range Rover Evoque model. Land & Range Rover design director, Gerry McGovern, said of Victoria, “She understands luxury products. She is a Range Rover fan and has been a Range Rover owner for many years” (People).

Where do I even begin?!

1) I love Victoria. She has built a budding empire, the Victoria Beckham Collection, from eveningwear and daywear dresses. Her design aesthetic is clean and simple. She has nurtured her own brand – her own pose, her own hairstyles, and her products. She is a hardworking woman who, obviously, wont stop, even after her successes.

2) Range Rovers are gorgeous. I didnt get sick of seeing at least 10-15 on the road while I lived in LA! One unfortunate thing that I’ve heard about RR (from friends and other owners) is that the technology support is sub-par and there are minor problems here and there. Small annoyance can add up. Although I dont expect Victoria to bring to light all of the support issues, I do hope that Land Rover & Range Rover will realize how much their customers need updated interior hardware and software, top-of-the-line navigation and entertainment systems, and better on-the-road/maintenance servicing (since the classic RR starts at around $80,000).

3) I’m not too sure what she will be doing as Creative Director (since the model was revealed today at Kensington Palace, in association with Vogue). But the model will show at the Paris Motor Show in September 2010 and the vehicle is slated to hit showrooms in 2011. I cant wait to see the results of her input.

4) Smart move, Land/Range Rover, smart move. Bringing on a designer/celebrity (who has a proven track record) was the smartest thing to help launch a model that is vying for a new market. Branding at its best, hopefully.



Here’s a video clip of the dramatic reveal of the Range Rover Evoque. I’m not too crazy about the exterior design, but I’ll wait to see images of the final production model (especially of the interior, since Victoria is said to have contributed to the design), before making my final decision!