Its difficult not to be overwhelmed by the universe of information available to us [thank you technology]. Smart phones, tablets, WiFi/MiFi and apps make it utterly impossible to disconnect and as if there weren’t enough news in the world to flood the internet, social media has now made the act of sharing a business. Facebook, Twitter and countless other platforms empower people [all 800+ million active users on Facebook & 100 million active users on Twitter] to be content creators. It certainly does not help that all of this “content” is pushed out to you as texts, emails, status updates and tweets on all your devices. How are we physically and mentally supposed to read, process and organize all of this information? I cannot keep up all day, everyday, 24/7. After a particularly difficult point in my life last year, I made it a goal to disconnect from the online world at least one [full] day a week. That was probably not the most realistic goal since I worked in social media/digital marketing during the week and blogged at night and on the weekends.. but still, I was cognizant of the negative effects and it made me want to change. The Joy of Quiet captures the reality of an overconnected world. It really is a must-read.

I have made a conscious effort to put down my phone more often and really enjoy the company of the people who matter most. Good times:

[[ scrumptious surprises at 고려당 // dainty fingers // the smile makes me smile // tea break at sanctuary // avocado toast cant be beat // rainy night calls for salmon pot pie // a standard kind of night ]]

Feeling Good-Reefer Twins Mix by The Reefer Twins