I’ve gotten to experience some amazing moments at and for work.. and attending the CFDA Awards [aka fashion Oscars] last week was definitely a highlight. Did all of this really happen?

[[ red carpet ]]

[[ jessica chastain in marchesa ]]

[[ colleague: “those are the most colorful vegetables. ever.” i couldnt agree more ]]

[[ guess what song started to play as guests started taking their seats? call me, maybe. ]]

[[ what does it all mean to you? ]]

[[ 50 year retrospective fashion show. can you spot who is wearing who? ]]

[[ filmmaker/director/comedian/actor extraordinaire accepted awards for johnny depp & rei kawakubo. he might have been the best part of the show. almost. ]]

[[ the best part of the show was seth meyers dressed up as marc jacobs. in comme des garçons. he definitely brought the lols. ]]

[[ and to honor tommy hilfiger for his lifetime achievement award, the princeton footnotes sang hilfiger family tunes. acapella, of course. ]]

[[ mary-kate & ashley olsen win womenswear designers of the year for the row. xx to my friend j and the team! im sure they partied up a storm that night ]]

[[ lincoln center at night ]]

[[ fun on the red carpet with g ]]

[[ where to, you ask? to the standard, of course ]]

[[ the boom boom room, after-party central ]]

[[ moët on tap, basically ]]

[[ cheers to the cfda & swarovski team for another memorable award show! ]]

[[ so many good dance floor memories. and now i bid you good night. ]]

If you haven’t watched it already [the awards show, not the after-party] Style.com & Lexus has it for your viewing pleasure, right here.