This is the problem with every fashion week: the old is so quickly forgotten, overshadowed by the now. But it really is not the now. That collection that you just saw on NowFashion? It wont be available until next spring. Spring of 2013. How does the industry continue to function so far in advance? [If you know the answer, I would love to hear your take.]

With that said, I can feel that the industry is changing. I dont know much Moda Operandi sells at this point, but the fact that the “buy straight from the runway” e-commerce-based pretailer raised $36 million+ is still a big deal. It means that bigwigs want to transform an archaic industry. The future is making collections available now, right after the runway. [almost-instant gratification, anyone?]

The subject is nothing new, of course. Its been this way, and will continue to be, for years to come. I really do hope, though, that this generation really does bring change to an old world.

Back to the point of my post. Phillip Lim continues to deliver, especially after his CFDA/Swarovski win a few months ago. He showcased a versatile collection that covered day-to-night, with lots of outerwear pieces. Icing on the cake? Slouchy portfolios and soft briefcases and footwear. Basically, everything.

My favorite looks: