It’s true, I have been a little MIA this summer.. work is still full-force and when I do have some downtime, I make it a priority to get out of the city. But I’ve been snapping pictures to share my mini-adventures with you. I have to say, going through these made me super hungry, but there are style and outfit shots to break it up. My new Instagram tagline? Stylish food. Follow me at @the_modman.

[[ macaron break at work // summer stripes // the little red lighthouse and the great gray bridge // rooftop chillin // morning swim // amazing dinner[s] at red cat // fish tacos, a go-to summer favorite // picnic along the river // morning treat // like my socks from korea? // laying out // grill time // keeping it casual // a hidden new york escape // cheers // double breasted blue // <3 // jones beach getaway // office birthdays // flashing lights // friday nomz // football at the beach [yes, i did play. and won] // my escape // footwear change x2 // flying nike air force ones // packed and ready to go // homemade 냉면 // central park spread // do you have the time? ]]