Up until now, I have not mentioned much about my career here. the modman has very much lived separately from work [and will continue to] but I did want to share a bit more about my life. It is no secret that work has been O_O busy since I started a new job this past January. I’ve posted a few times about my professional adventures [me on set and at the CFDA Awards] but these outings are just minuscule glimpses into what I do on a daily basis.

So what prompted me to share that I’m Digital & Social Media Manager at DVF?

StyleCaster is a media group that combines all things fashion, beauty, pop culture and lifestyle [TechCrunch called StyleCaster “a one-stop shop for fashionistas” and AOL named it one of the five best startups of 2009]. M, the editorial director at StyleCaster, reached out to me about an opportunity to be featured as a one of ten social media gurus. This happened:

[[ motorcycle jacket: acne studio mape suede klein [similar: marc new york], v-neck: calvin klein [similar: hanes], pants: j.crew, bracelets: coach, vintage, marc by marc jacobs, mixology nyc, rings: ariel gordon ]]

I was featured alongside some digital/social media greats, including Steven Rojas of GrandLife Hotels, Aliza Licht of DKNY, Leslie Steinberg of Everyday Health, Cannon Hodge of Bergdorf Goodman, Farryn Weiner of Michael Kors, Kristina Marino of Mirrorball, Raman Kia of Condé Nast Media Group, and Alee Thompson of The 88. Read about the nine stand-outs here.

Here is my full interview:

What led you to a career in social media?
Books and magazines were/are my first loves. Fashion was/is my second. I wanted to make my way into the publishing world but the internet started to take over.. Despite my desire to climb my way up the fashion magazine ladder, the digital world was like a new frontier that was much more exciting for me. I started the modman, a fashion and personal style blog, and from working with brands early on, I knew that I wanted to be in-house, working on marketing, strategy, and digital.

What did you study, and/or was your education related to your current career?
I studied International Development Studies – basically an amalgamation of Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology and Environmental Science, and how everything relates to the current critical issues in developing regions of the world. My work is not yet directly related to what I studied in college, and what I am passionate about, but I am always thinking of ways to link to the two – training women in developing countries to learn how to sew and run sustainable businesses, thereby empowering them to make changes within their families and villages. Social media has also revolutionized giving back, so I am always thinking of ways to merge all of my passions!

Given social media is a relatively new job space, as a kid, what did you envision yourself doing as an adult?
I wanted to be a professor, like my father; he taught European history. I was fascinated with Henry VIII and the establishment of the Church of England, Elizabeth I and the Elizabethan Era, and Louis XVI of France/Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution. And Greek mythology! How dorky am I?

Please list 3 apps you use for your job.
Viddy, Zite, Evernote [I take notes all the time]

Where do you see social media headed in 3-5 years?
Three to five years in social media is fifty years in real life.. who knows what will happen that far in the future? Things happen so quickly in the digital space.

What I do know is that we’re getting to a point where people, consumers, are overwhelmed with the number of platforms, apps and ways to socially share with their networks. Facebook used to be this exclusive platform for college students, and now there are 901 million monthly active users. It has become the everything for everyone. I have a feeling that platforms with a unique proposition and exclusivity will start to rise/gain prominence.

How many social accounts do you maintain for your job (twitter, pinterest, instagram, etc)? Which are your favorites and why?
The main ones remain the same: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, foursquare, Viddy, Pinterest. I have pages and pages of new apps to trial on my iPhone!

I always get excited to see a platform grow from a small start-up into a industry game-changer. This has been especially true for Viddy and Pinterest. As one of the first fashion brands to take on the “Instagram meets video” mobile app, DVF has offered a true look inside the happenings of a global fashion brand in 15 second clips. Have you checked it out? http://www.viddy.com/dvf

I met the founders of Pinterest early on and knew that they were onto something. When it came time for DVF to join Pinterest, it was a no brainer. Pinterest offers a different kind of experience and we aim to tell a visual story of our brand and new collections.

My personal favorite apps are actually music-based and discovery apps. Pandora, Spotify and Songza fuel my need for new music. I love that the new foursquare promotes exploration. New York is such a behemoth of food, art, culture, music.. everything. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed sometimes with the amount of things to do in this city. I am on the app more often now, knowing that I get personal recommendations from my friends.

We love to try up-and-coming platforms and keep our ears to the ground when it comes to new technologies.

Is there someone in social media that you look up to or see as doing an exemplary job?
I know that a brand is killing it when my friends who are not in the space start to talk, and rave, about the brand or its product. And, of course, buy into it. Nike has a history of iconic campaigns, great product and memorable taglines. Most recently, Nike has reinvented the way people stay active, and how they perceive and think about fitness.

The Nike+ Fuelband is interactive, and Nike created a universal currency that tracks physical fitness, not just gym time or an exercise class. And to be able to share your fitness credit and progress with your friends? Social is integrated into their brand DNA.

Added: Charles Denson, president of Nike brand, “What’s new in running is the rise of digital technology and services. Runners are technology-oriented athletes, who recognize genuine innovation. Digital speaks to them because it helps them train, compete and measure their performance. Digital services can motivate them and connect them to other runners. Today, running is a social activity and digital is helping drive participation rates through the roof all over the world.”

How many smart phones do you carry on a daily basis, and how often do you drop them? :)
I am a mobile office. Most of the time, I carry two phones [iPhone and HTC Rezound], an iPad and a laptop around.

Blackberry or iPhone?
iPhone, although I do miss the bb keypad. I want to get my hands on the new HTC One X or the new Galaxy S3.


Thank you StyleCaster, Marni, Nick, and Tovah for the opportunity. Gild Hall at the Thompson Hotel downtown was the perfect location.

+And as with everything in digital, the modman remains independent of my job, and my thoughts and opinions are my own and do not reflect that of my employer.