Don’t you love it when it looks like its going to rain, so you put on your rainboots and carry a proper umbrella? And then you get out of the subway and its absolutely sunny outside? And it always seems like you’re the only one dressed in raingear.. yeah, thankfully that has never happened to me. [chyeah right]

To avoid looking like one of those fools, I present to you, Exhibit A:


+ A 10 Crosby Derek Lam linen trench, to get you through those insanely humid, yet potentially wet days.

+ Levis shorts that have been [almost] worn to death. Its much cheaper to wash dirty rain splatter off my legs than off nice pants.

+ My live-in oxfords that have survived everything from snowstorms to almost-tornados.

+ My heather grey t – “dressed up” on this particular occasion.


But dont get caught off guard, as so many do. New York summers are unpredictable and these “isolated thunderstorms” every other day are hard to read. When there’s a derecho on the way, though, take cover. Who wants to get caught in this?

[[ NBC News ]]

My co-worker and I foolishly ran out for a quick coffee and ended up having to pay $1 for trashbags from Blue Bottle [shade], just so we could run across the street. The result:

Stay dry, my friends!