The unending food options in New York is absolutely astounding. But when I’m craving something specific and delicious, like 콩국수 [Korean soybean noodles] or authentic Vietnamese pho, the list shrinks to one or two places. I had a friend [J.B.] visit from out-of-town and after a late night and a rough morning, he said he needed some meat and potatoes. Comfort food. The answer? Seersucker.

Seersucker is one of those places that you want to experience with someone that appreciates food. I don’t claim to know much about southern cuisine, which is why taking J.B. [an Alabamian native] was perfect. After taking that first bite of cornbread and fried chicken, he said the food reminded him of home. In that moment, he felt like he was with family, enjoying a homecooked weekend meal. Food.. its a powerful force.

[[ stamped fresh ]]

[[ pickled ]]

 [[ front and center: potato crusted north carolina trout with market zucchini, nc peanuts and chanerelles, right: fried chicken with thumbelina carrots, yukon potato puree and bourbon-vidalia gravy, back: blistered shishitos with green beans, pecans and tomato vinaigrette & cornbread with seasonal jellies, preserves and salted molasses butter ]]

[[ chocolate pudding. a simple name for a dessert.. which doesnt come near capturing the depth of it all. with devil’s food cake, sorghum pecans, bourbon cream.

good morning, lebowski. berkshire mountain rum, coffee, milk, mole bitters, grilled peaches. smoked vanilla cream, sweet tea sorbet, pie crust ]]

[[ who will be the last one standing? ]]

J.B. thoroughly enjoyed the meal, and just as much as he was full, I was that much prouder to be a New Yorker.. to have been able to remind him of good memories of the past, and make new ones.

Thank you to Kerry for the menu recommendations and desserts, and to E for another excellent restaurant choice.