Birthdays are like weddings. The more you go to, the simpler you’d like them to be. Long gone are the days of figuring out rides and DDs to Drais or even worse, Vegas trips. The perfect example of the ideal birthday was yesterday’s celebration for G.

The setting: A low-key Brooklyn backyard, equipped with grill, cat balloons, streamers and lawn furniture.
The music: A customized playlist by J, the co-birthday host.
The highlight: Power hour. Thats right, power hour to the tunes of Whitney, N’Sync, Indiana Jones soundtrack, Britney, et al.

Hopefully it wont be too cold to do something outside for my birthday? [doubt it]. Here’s hoping.

[[ can you tell it was self-decorated? ]]

[[ complete with cat balloons ]]

[[ post-set up relaxing ]]

[[ firing up the grill ]]

[[ where are you, k, e? ]]

[[ party by myself! ]]

[[ a solid crew ]]

The documentation of the day / night stops there. All I can say is that power hour was a sign of things to come. Good thing I didnt partake in that activity.. or else I would have missed the hilarity that ensued.

Cheers G, to you and many more years.