I lived in LA for four years and didn’t feel this level of attachment to the ocean, ever. Maybe it was because it was sunny all the time, with plenty of fresh air and faint ocean breezes on the Westside. It wasn’t until this summer that I fell in love with the cold waters of the Atlantic. I needed to escape the congested city and unbearable humidity. Hearing the waves, feeling the warmth of the sun, floating on the water, swimming deeper and deeper, and, of course, getting owned by the occasional riptide.. all a part of the experience. Most were quick getaways for the day, with a few three day trips further east to Fire Island and the Hamptons. It all started on Memorial Day..

[[ memorial day stunts ]]

[[ my summer bed ]]

[[ jets flying low ]]

[[ became bffs with the LIRR ]]

[[ my fifth visit? ]]

[[ bomb diggity ]]

[[ live colorfully ]]

[[ resting a moment ]]

[[ mint mojito for the wife, jersey peach for me at dicosmo’s ]]

[[ im gonna getcha getchaaaa ]]

[[ bliss ]]

[[ a completely different vibe on a cloudy day ]]

[[ all covered up ]]

[[ as far as the eye can see.. ]]

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So long sweet summer. Until next year.