My Frees have been in my daily rotation, not just to and from the gym, but out running errands and even going out at night. Though the breathable mesh is great when used during exercise, I found out it wasn’t so great when in the cold, walking around with numb, and sometimes wet, feet. I decided I needed another pair of sneakers in my line-up.

So I’m pretty sure Nike Dunks were originally designed for dunking purposes.. is it blasphemous to admit that I ran around all day running errands in them? What would Nike and all the basketball stars before my time think if they saw me walking down the street in these, with groceries in hand?

No matter.

Instead of opting for a generic colorway dictated by wholesalers that don’t know me or my preferences, I thought it would be fun to iD them, made by and for me. And as you’ve probably guessed, I went with black and white, with a monogrammed touch. Walking billboard much?

[[ versace / h&m coat, similar here // gap white shirt, similar here // marc by marc jacobs jeans, similar here // ps1, black on black here  ]]

[[ stay active ]]

There’s a Dunk for everyone: