NYC is an amazing city, one that pulses with constant energy. Friends who live in this mecca know that just as much as the city is exciting in its non-stop glory, sometimes, it gets to be a little too much. Or maybe thats just me?

After fashion week, I needed a change of pace, even if only for a day. A few friends and I snuck off to New Hope and Lambertville for some ‘country’ air. Its crazy how time just slows down everywhere else..

We wandered the streets, popping into antique stores and discovering little mom and pop shops and it felt so good not to have an itinerary. We were where we wanted to be.


[[ coat: versace / h&m, sweater: COMME, harem pants: theory, boots: dr martens affleck boot, sunglasses: ray-bans, bag: blackout limited edition ricky ]]

It was clear that we were from of town and though no one said anything outright, you could feel the lingering eyes. Well, I came prepared with a message ;]

And just like that, as much as I enjoyed our getaway, I knew that I am where I belong. In New York City, baby.

Bill Cunningham said it best: “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. To do away with fashion would be like doing away with civilization.”