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nyfw: mens, top 5 // david hart.

Posted on July 13th, 2015

David Hart was inspired by the Bauhaus and its artists.. after studying architecture in undergrad, I can sense the subtle references. The most striking parts of the full collection were the colors and geometric patterns. I may not be the most colorful dresser [jk, not at all] but this collection makes me rethink my entire wardrobe, which isn’t an easy feat. My top looks.. I can’t choose just five, so 6 it is!  

modern times // 3.paradis.

Posted on June 19th, 2015

According to 3.Paradis designers, the force of technology is currently taking over the world and taking away freedom at the same time. The heart of the problem is a bad human behavior. The solution is nature. Nature takes care of itself. This collection explores the co-existence and cause and effect of technology and nature. Beautifully haunting..

modern man // michael bastian + GMC.

Posted on June 1st, 2015

The automobile industry’s love of fashion has manifested in many partnerships, including Infiniti + Thom Browne, Barbour and Land Rover, Lexus and MADE Fashion Week, Cadillac and “Mens Day”, and most notably, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the long-time sponsor of NYFW. Hannah Elliott of Bloomberg wrote about IMG’s struggle to find a new backer, and how the organizer is having difficulty doing so. But that doesn’t mean automakers are shying away from aligning with designers for industry and design caché. In July, just in time for Fashion Week: Men’s, Michael Bastian and GMC will unveil another ‘Precision’ campaign, drawing parallels on the attention to detail paid in everything they do. In the past, most partnerships have been one-sided, with one party (typically the larger company,…