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jetset // the one store you need to visit in madrid.

Posted on July 24th, 2016

Cale Velarde in Malasaña is host to several of the cities vintage shops, but the curation isn’t as great as I’d hoped it would be. My friend Becca and I roamed through the neighborhood and walked into AMEN on Calle San Andrés, a “concept store” that just opened up two weeks prior after hosting a party for the NikeLab x Olivier Rousteing collaboration. The black and white store is Rocio’s vision come to life, a launchpad for up and coming designers from all over Europe. I discovered Black Kaviar, a streetwear brand based out of Paris, and finally got to try on a pair of Quay Tell Me Whys and it fit perfectly. Say hi to Rocio when you visit, and tell me your favorite pieces!



style journal // effortless travel.

Posted on July 22nd, 2016

Time flies.. I can’t believe my month in Valencia is over and it’s time to move on to the next stop. It was a tough month of countless adjustments, but thankfully I have sound advice that continues to ground me, new friends to lean on, and travel hacks that make life, and travel, a bit easier for all of the new destinations to come.

Up until recently, I used to fly with my Calvin Klein luggage set that I bought in college. They got me through several years, but I knew I needed an upgrade for my year + long travel. I am so glad I did because one of the things that has made travel easier has been my Hartmann Glider™ Ratio.

Hartmann created their StrideAlign™ technology with one goal in mind: to ease the demands of travel. In the first month and a half, I have journeyed to and from nine total airports, and the Extended Journey and Long Journey Ratios have made each trip effortless. They literally glide across every surface, and so far, they live up to their name. One month down of airports, train and subway stations, taxi lines, Uber waits, 11 more months to go! Crossed fingers that it only gets easier from here, and more effortless travel tips lined up.

Photography by Becca Kang

Thank you Hartmann for partnering on this post!

style journal // how to dress for an italian wedding.

Posted on July 8th, 2016

When presented with the opportunity to attend a wedding in Italy, specifically Sardegna/Sardinia, you say yes!

But what do you do when you’re traveling and the only suit you have is a black cotton/wool blend? You go shopping. Thankfully I came across this beige linen suit on sale at Zara. I went to Tailor & Co (Carrer de Ciril Amorós, 79, 46004 València)  and even though the owner spoke no English, I walked out with a suit that fit pretty well for having a day to find it, a day to alter it, and for its price.



[[ zara linen suit, contemplated this double breasted one from topman, and this one on sale at mango man  // dior abstract sunglasses in havana/light blue // similar farragamo sandals here // shot in Porto Cervo by Martin Markaj ]]

style journal // barcelona.

Posted on July 1st, 2016

Spanish weekend getaway 2: Barcelona! It may be tourist central, especially coming from Valencia, but the energy of being in an actual city was exhilarating. Roaming through back alleys, stumbling across local haunts and taking a moment to absorb it all. As each day passes by on this trip, the more and more I learn that I am a city boy, with a bent for country escapes.




[[ jumpsuit: chapter, in camo here // watch: shinola sport watch, another favorite here // espadrilles: soludos by james polan, some other favorites include camera x glasses here,  shark x diver here, mesh lace-up here, rust suede here // celine trio // ray-ban oversized clubmasters ]]


style journal // russafa, valencia.

Posted on June 15th, 2016

Can you believe that I live in Valencia? Halfway through my third week, it has finally hit me that I’ll be abroad for a year, living in a different country every month.

As a New Yorker I am already ready to move on to the next city, but I am challenging myself to enjoy, to be open to all that Valencia has for me, and fully immerse in the city and culture.


Kauf Vintage is an awesome shop a block from me. I was eyeing a pair of vintage Levis, and of course I let it get away. Shopping has been the last thing on my mind, until now. I am ready to add to my very limited wardrobe.

[[ uniqlo sleeveless knit // banana republic leather shorts // dior abstract sunglasses // nike flyknit trainers ]]