+ jetset // how i keep fit on the road.

April 25, 2017

Keeping fit while traveling isn’t as easy as most people would think, especially when I’m always on the tarmac. As soon as I get a routine going, it’s time to get on a plane, move on and usually change time zones.

My workouts depend on what is available in each city. I found gyms near me in Valencia, Lisbon and Barcelona. I took pilates classes in Seoul, bootcamps in Sydney and Havana and ocean swims in Valencia, Sardinia, Barcelona, Phuket, Samui, Bali and Sydney. Thankfully the weather in most places has been pretty amazing, allowing me to run outside, work out using my favorite app, Nike+ Training, and walk everywhere to see the sights.

It is always difficult to measure each workout since no workout is the same, but being able to track my movements through Amazfit has been super productive and eye-opening. Who knew I was averaging more than 8k steps a day? Amazfit tracks your steps, distance, calories and sleep quality and helps establish healthy habits and work towards a more healthy lifestyle. Not that I needed more motivation to continue my active way of life but using Amazfit has been evidence that I am doing the best I can where I am. I found that I am most active walking and running, and the rest depends on when I have free time, the energy and what I can do to stay fit.

The most frequent workouts for me while I’ve been on the road? Packing and running to and from the airport!

The best part about the Arc, which is the model I have been using, is that it is water-resistant and lasts up to 20 days of battery life on a single charge. Thank you Amazfit for partnering on this post. Use promo code WORLD for 20% off through 5/31