+ jetset // the thrill of travel.

April 5, 2017

There is nothing quite like the thrill of travel. It opens your eyes, helps you learn who you are, it gives you perspective and challenges you. My most recent trip to Cuba was exhilarating in so many ways, one that truly pushed my limits. I got to explore all parts of Havana, a city with so much life and potential. The energy, both day and night, was electric, and you can feel a sense of upcoming opportunity. Next I was off on a road trip with friends to Viñales, the gorgeous countryside reminiscent of the incredible scenery in Jurassic Park. From discovering limestone caves and ziplining across mountainsides for the most spectacular views, I felt like I was in another place and time. Over the weekend I ventured off to a remote island for some sun (and rain) and an impromptu fishing trip that resulted in a 15kg catch. I also got to see and experience the realities of life in Cuba, life beyond the pastel buildings and cobblestone streets, which was extremely eye-opening. All in all, it will be a trip difficult to top.

Other than visuals and my own feelings, smells are also a strong association that remind me of a place. The newest Polo fragrance, Red Extreme, is woody and spicy, warm with coffee notes. And every time I wear it or smell a specific note, I am instantly transported to Cuba, driving down the Malecón in this throwback Dodge Custom Royal. What smell and place trigger your memory?

Thank you Polo Fragrances for partnering on this post. You can get your exhilarating blend of speed, adrenaline and power here.