+ jetset // where to stay the next time you’re in ubud.

February 9, 2017

Bali will always be a special place to me, a place I will return to discover, to heal, to be inspired.. And as with every destination, I’m always out to find authentic and unique places to stay to fully experience each place. This time I had the opportunity to check out Bisma Eight, a boutique hotel set in the natural and cultural heart of Ubud.

As soon as you walk into Bisma Eight, you feel a sense of calm, the ambiance created by the stimulation of all the senses. Coupled with genuine service, it made for a memorable stay.

When you enter the lobby, you’re given an offering to present to a shrine of Ganesha, the god of the arts, intellect, wisdom, and of new beginnings. A good thing to do to bless not only your time at Bisma Eight but your pilgrimage to Bali! Incense is all around in Bali, used daily in offerings and ceremonies. The smell of incense at Bisma Eight is something I find myself missing since I left and will definitely see if I can bring it back home with me.


The use of different woods, textures and natural hues with orange accents made the room warm and welcoming. For me, most hotel room living rooms are for show and don’t really serve a functional purpose since I’m always out exploring and rarely inside. That wasn’t the case at Bisma Eight, where I lounged in mine in the afternoons, reading and waiting for the daily storm to pass.

The floor to ceiling windows overlook the canopy of the jungle and I reveled in waking up to the feeling of being in the trees. And I absolutely loved the amount of natural light that flooded the entire suite.

There was a photography exhibit titled Raw by Vanessa Van Houten on the main floor. I walked through the exhibit and felt the impact of the subjects and their stories of loss. Often times art or photography at hotels seem either forced and inauthentic or blend in and go unnoticed. Raw was a real showcase of talent and work that reflected the community and the realities that people grapple with day-to-day.

And you can’t miss the epic sunrises and sunsets and the views of the jungle from the infinity pool.

Wood, cement and linen are dominant materials used throughout the space, looks and feels that are very distinct and yet effortlessly blended together. The iconic Canadian Red Cedar was brought over from the US and assembled by artisans in Ubud to create a spa-like tub. I can still feel the grain of the wood..

You wake up to silence. When you open up the room to the trees in the morning you’re greeted with sounds of the jungle. When you walk through the jungle there is a faint meditation chant that you hear. At night they play some tunes at the restaurant and its back to silence before you go to bed.

Copper Restaurant is not the typical hotel restaurant. The ingredients are farm fresh and the food is thoughtful and conscious. It felt great to start the morning off with a hearty breakfast in bed or at the restaurant and have the option to continue the healthy streak through the day.

You definitely get the sense of holistic wellness at Bisma Eight. Their mission of being the best and providing the best service in everything they do stands true and was reflected in my stay. Though there was a bit of a transition in the beginning, all was smooth and I loved experiencing their interpretation and evolution of Ubud and its cultural, spiritual, culinary and hospitality through all the senses.