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modern times // 3.paradis.

Posted on June 19th, 2015

According to 3.Paradis designers, the force of technology is currently taking over the world and taking away freedom at the same time. The heart of the problem is a bad human behavior. The solution is nature. Nature takes care of itself. This collection explores the co-existence and cause and effect of technology and nature. Beautifully haunting..

modern man // michael bastian + GMC.

Posted on June 1st, 2015

The automobile industry’s love of fashion has manifested in many partnerships, including Infiniti + Thom Browne, Barbour and Land Rover, Lexus and MADE Fashion Week, Cadillac and “Mens Day”, and most notably, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the long-time sponsor of NYFW. Hannah Elliott of Bloomberg wrote about IMG’s struggle to find a new backer, and how the organizer is having difficulty doing so. But that doesn’t mean automakers are shying away from aligning with designers for industry and design caché. In July, just in time for Fashion Week: Men’s, Michael Bastian and GMC will unveil another ‘Precision’ campaign, drawing parallels on the attention to detail paid in everything they do.

In the past, most partnerships have been one-sided, with one party (typically the larger company, $$$) driving most of the campaign messaging. It is promising to see large and mass of brands embrace telling their story and the stories of others, similar to this one. And though I won’t be in line to buy a GMC Yukon Denali anytime soon, I appreciate the thought, especially since my perception of GMC skews mass middle-America. Changing brand perception takes time and money but GMC is on the right path.

Props to Michael Bastian and his team for keeping up the momentum, from partnerships with Uniqlo to HP and now GMC. Though the brand is not completely my style aesthetic, I admire Bastian’s vision, taste and impact on the menswear space. His career is one I aspire to, and most definitely a modern man.

style journal // summer style with armani exchange.

Posted on May 20th, 2015

Summer style is defined by three things: shorts, swimsuits and sunglasses. The workweek in warmer months is about surviving the hustle in the heat and humidity, and though not all are lucky enough to wear shorts on the job, at least we have the weekend to look forward to.

Versatility is defined by how easily a piece mixes and matches with the rest of your wardrobe, and I’d say all three summer s’s (shorts, swimsuits and sunglasses) are staples that guys can build on, summer after summer. There is no such thing as too many of each, especially as I am always on the go, from gym to work, then to dinner and away for the weekends. Options are essential as I grab and go.

I grew up with Armani Exchange [it was always club night at the mall], and so when I was asked to work with the brand in partnership with Men’s Health, the answer was an obvious yes. I was already in the market for a new pair of sunglasses and I found a great Navigator pair at A|X, classic in style yet updated with flash mirrored lenses and a smooth, matte finish. I wear black year round, and so the sunglasses are the perfect complement to my always revolving dark (and sometimes white!) palette. It also comes in standard black, brown and blue – which is your favorite pair?



style journal // northern lights.

Posted on May 15th, 2015

April marks the end of winter in Iceland so the chances of seeing the Northern Lights were super slim, even at the ION Hotel where they have a bar/lounge area dedicated to watching the Aurora. I hope to catch them in the winter, if I make it up to Canada or Alaska. Have you seen them?

I spent the afternoon kicking back, taking in the beauty of the ION and its surroundings.. take me back!



[[ sweater: uniqlo // white jeans: burberry, similar here // sneakers: joe fresh, similar converse at zappos // belt: hermes // sunglasses: tom ford aviators, similar at sunglass hut ]]