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November 13, 2016

I can’t even count how many variations of white button down shirts I have in my closet. But black shirts? I actually have very few because its hard to find that perfect black wash. Black shirts are just too black with my black jeans and most of the time, the black tone is completely off. Black denim shirts are either too washed out, too western for my taste or too heavy for my taste. Its difficult to find black chambray because apparently people only wear blue chambray. So imagine my surprise when I found this shirt at Banana Republic. A completely acceptable kind of Canadian tuxedo ;)

A travel must for me, a white button down to whip out for any and every occasion, whether for work or for a weekend of exploring 이태원/Itaewon or District 1. This Banana Republic Grant-Fit one is has traveled with me to Seoul, Hanoi and Saigon so far, and thats just the beginning.

Thank you to Banana Republic for partnering with me on this post. #itsbanana #yourlifestyled