+ style journal // the tucked in t-shirt.

July 12, 2017

New York Fashion Week for women has pre-dominantly been concentrated in one area, i.e. Bryant Park, Lincoln Center and soon to be Hudson Yards. For the men’s shows, Skylight Clarkson Sq and¬†Cadillac House¬†anchors the three days, but there are still several independent designers with small presentations and events all over the city. It doesn’t make it easy to get around and get to places on time, but thankfully Via and their $5 anywhere rides have come to the rescue. Download here and use code daniel8f2 to get a $10 ride credit when you join. You’re welcome!

Daniel wearing Uniqlo t-shirt, self-designed pants, Cole Haan loafers, Coach tote

Funny that the day I posted this, my friend Max wrote about t-shirt tucks for The New York Times. Read his piece here.