+ wellness // fall-ready skin with lab series.

October 4, 2017

Fall is a great time to refresh the skin from damage caused by summer and prep it for the upcoming winter. During the summer, skin is prone to thickening and dehydration from the sun and heat. On top of that, pores get clogged up by sweat and sunscreen. Having a regimen that deeply cleanses pores, clarifies complexion, and strengthens skin is key. Three steps after cleansing your skin is all it takes to achieve your goal:


Why: Congested skin with gnarly blackheads your date can spot

What: Clay and charcoal remove impurities and pull out dirt in your pores

Result: Blemish-free skin with minimized pores


Why: Fatigued and shiny skin makes you look grey and exhausted

What: Caffeine and ginseng energizes and wakes up the skin

Result: Hydrated skin that is instantly boosted

Step 3 Hydrate & Protect 

Why: Easier and better to prevent aging than to fix it when it is too late

What: Meteorite and anti-aging ingredients replenish skin for optimal function

Result: A younger looking skin strengthened to brave the elements

Thank you Lab Series for partnering together on this post.